2019 Annual Report

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The end of the year is approaching faster than you’d think, and it’s never too early to prepare your annual report. Our 2019 Annual Report presentation includes a variety of corporate friendly topics that you can cover. Use this deck to showcase your progress and success this year.


This presentation is organized into five main sections: Business Overview, Financial Performance, Client & Project Updates, Competitor Analysis, and Roadmaps & Timelines. These sections and the individual topics that they include are designed to be useful and relevant to all kinds of industries and most corporate settings. Before these sections starts, the deck also includes introductory slides to review the company’s mission and vision, as well as its agenda items for the year. The Business Overview section includes: Key Business Strategies, Key Business Highlights, Key Achievements & Milestones, Revenue Split by Geography, Revenue Split by Product/Segment. The Financial Performance section includes Annual Financial Summary (EBITDA, Net Profit Margin, Net Revenue, Q-o-Q Growth, Net Profit), Financial Ratios (P/E Ratio, Return on Assets, Debt to Equity, Return on Equity, Current Ratio, Return on Investment), Profit & Loss KPIs, Balance Sheet KPIs, Cash Flow Statement KPIs, Funding Updates: Debts, Funding Updates: Equity. The Client & Project Updates section includes: Major Clients Acquired, Top Customers & Vendors, Project Updates, Project Planning Progress. The Competitor Analysis section includes: Revenue, Market Share, COGS, and Net Project Margin. Roadmaps & Timelines section includes a Twelve-Month Timeline and a Twelve-Month Roadmap.