Linkedin Endorser

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Are you an active Linkedin user with over 500 connections? We can attract thousands of viewers to your profile while you earn passive income. At You Exec we create corporate resources that Linkedin users love. Our articles receive thousands of views and comments, see the screenshots below:


We will ask you to draft and publish an article via your Linkedin profile. That is it. The article will have a few images and videos. The article is 100% amazing, it will be a book summary, a Powerpoint presentation, or a resource that can help Linkedin members be more successful at their jobs.

We will use our software to promote your article so hundreds of thousands of people can see your profile. You will also get lots of connections and followers as well. We will pay you $50 to publish the post (which will only take you 30 minutes) and based on how many people will visit your profile and article we will pay up to $500. We pay using PayPal.