Web Designer & Animator

CSS, Javascript, HTML - Animator

We are developing a single-page website builder that is modular in nature. We are looking for designers who can create responsive web modules (i.e.: using Bootstrap) that are animated via any Javascript framework you prefer (i.e.: Jquery, Vue, React, among others). This job gives you a lot of creative and implementation autonomy.

Job Description

Given a website template (or one that you develop from scratch) you will be asked to animated it and make it "sexy." We will give you some guidelines as to how the animation should look and provide samples, everything else after that is up to you. The modules you build must be responsive and work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Explorer 9+. Later your module will be incorporated into our product which allows users to stack up these "modules" up and create a single-page website. Work can be done from anywhere.


  • CSS

  • Javascript -- a framework that makes your heart beat

  • Html

  • WebGL (nice to know)

  • Java (nice to know)


  • We will start assigning you modules once you are on-boarded, depending on complexity we pay $300 to $100 per module. Typically you should be able to make 3-4 modules per day (or 1-2 if developed from scratch).

  • This job can be part-time or full-time per your performance and availability.

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