Business Strategies and Frameworks (Part 3)

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Learn from some of the most useful and popular business strategies and frameworks from part 3 of our compilation. Apply the content, diagram, and graphs from this 43-slide deck to your next project.


This presentation include the following business strategies and frameworks: Open Innovation model, Balanced Scorecard, Scenario Technique, Six Boxes Model, Core Competence Model, Internationalization Strategy, Strategy Map, Bridges Transition Model, 7-S Framework, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Just-in-Time/Lean Thinking, SWOT Analysis, Theory X and Theory Y, Real Options Theory, Managerial Grid, Business Model Canvas, Business Ecosystem, Socially Engineered Change, Crowdsourcing Process, Ansoff Growth Matrix, Stakeholder Management, Benchmarking, Learning Style Inventory, Flow Theory, People Capability Maturity Model, Evolutionary Growth of Organizations, STAR Method, ADDIE Model, SCRUM, Strategic Alignment Model, Net Present Value, Five Star Model, Overhead Value Analysis, KANO Model, SECI Model, Interpersonal Circumplex, Buy-Grid Model, Adaption Innovation Inventory, SHRM Competency Model, Crafting Strategy, Senge’s five Disciplines, Ulrich HR Model, and DELPHI Method.