Charts Collection

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You can now save hours of work with our ultimate Charts Collection. This deck includes a variety of useful charts that you can copy and paste into any presentation. You can also edit the data of these charts via Excel.


All charts and their accompanying data in this presentation are fully editable. To do so, all you need is to right-click on any given chart and select “Edit data in Excel”. Use these charts for any industries or purpose – You can copy and paste them to an existing presentation, or simply use one of the pre-designed slides from this presentation. The data in this presentation are organized into hypothetical scenarios, such as business highlights, quarterly revenue, product revenue split, project status, project actual vs planned cost, revenue based on demographics, et cetera. Examples of chart styles include bar chart and its variations, pie chart and its variations, waterfall chart, combined charts, histograms, pyramid charts, cone charts, area charts, line graphs, bubble charts.