Employee Handbook

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Showcase the best of your company culture and prepare new team members for success with our Employee Handbook deck. Set the right expectation for all aspects of your business operations, and get new hires excited to be part of your team.


This Employee Handbook presentation can be shown both as a Powerpoint with animations or as a printed hardcopy. It features a simple yet catchy black and white design that captures your new hires’ attention. This thirty-slide deck introduces the following topics: your company’s story, its vision and mission statements, a highlight reel that showcases the competitiveness and successes of your organization, the executive level leadership team, general reporting structure with organization chart, brand pillars, team culture and shared values, brand language/voice, logo, main products or offerings, general employment rules such as equal employment opportunity, verification and background checks, and employment status and classification. Now comes to the topics that most employees are interested in: payment schedule, paycheck deductions, paid time off and/or work remote opportunities, work hours and attendance. When it comes to finances, you can also include expenses and reimbursement policies. Mentioning benefits such as 401(k) contribution, healthcare packages, and discounts and special perks can also provide big incentives for new hires. Make sure that you go over general house-keeping items, such as workplace conduct, dress code, social media policy, harassment policy and reporting procedure, termination and resignation schedule, the community around your company. Finally, include a directory of key personnel and ways to contact the HR department. So that new hires are on the right track when it comes to training and onboarding, also set out timelines or schedule regular check-in meetings with them.