Most career development articles are optimized and incentivized for traffic and virality, instead of impact and quality. Modern publications hardly have a relationship with their audience, because they focus on viral hits instead sustained readership. In a world of quantity, You Exec offers quality.
— You Exec


At You Exec we believe there is more to life than corporate politics and working our lives away to satisfy the need of stake-holders or share-holders. At You Exec we believe work is a spiritual act of service. Life is to be lived, life is to be enjoyed in the company of others. We cherish working with each other, trusting in each other, and achieving greater goals with each other. We wish to break the silos of disunity, discord, and greed and help everyone achieve their best.

It is for this reason that we incorporate the arts into our resources. We incorporate articles of equality, of unity, of appreciation for diversity in our weekly summaries, and provide an uplifting tone in all our messages. After all, me — you — we are all executives of our own lives and citizens of one planet. And as executives and citizens of one planet, it is You Exec's mission to help everyone to achieve their best.

The way we see it, we are all members of one human family and we should help each other climb higher to reach greater intellectual summits. The reality of intellectual nature is that as each of us climbs higher, we all reach higher. When a new idea, concept, scientific reality is discovered by one of us, all of humanity wins.

The Everest might be the highest physical mountain on our planet, yet the intellectual summits of this universe, those that humanity has yet to climb, are much higher. You Exec's mission is to serve you and others, in any way possible, so that we can all climb higher — together.