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We create the assets — you publish it on your blog, newsletter, website, and social profiles — and earn up to $30 per lead.



Some subscribers use our free service before upgrading to a Plus membership. We tag all free members to a Partner with an endless cookie, and on our back-end mailing list software. As a result, you'll receive credit for each free member who later upgrades to Plus.



Depending on the tier, when one of your leads joins Plus, as a Partner you'll earn:

  • Quarterly plan: $3 for each quarter.
  • Yearly plan: $10 for each year.
  • Lifetime plan: $30 one-time payment.
  • Maximum payout per lead is $30.
  • All dollar values are in USD.

Monthly Payouts

All Partner payments are sent at the beginning of each month directly to your PayPal account. You Exec has a 30-day refund policy; leads may be reviewed for approval after this initial 30-day period. A statement of new leads and historical leads appears in your monthly report. See "Reports" and "Audits" below.


Resource Library

As a Partner you'll have access to our resource library with templates, articles, corporate resources, and other materials to help you succeed. Each month receive an email with new articles to help you generate more leads. We also hold quarterly webinars and training courses to help our Partners become more efficient.


Direct Linking

Through the power of direct linking, any links from your website to You Exec are automatically tracked, without the need for a unique referral link. This feature also covers mailing lists or social media channels, as long as you redirect visitors through your domain first.



Each month, along with your payment you'll receive a detailed report of your new and historic leads. As a Partner, you can test our integrity as each month we provide the first 3-characters of the email addresses of all your paying leads. Join any month with a secret email address and watch it appear on your monthly report.


Become a Partner — Start here.

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I never expected it to work. I’m an MBA student, I emailed my entire class and in a few weeks I made $940... and its still paying!
— Rachel from Chicago Booth
Looove the book summaries. I made it a part of my blog and the visitors love it too! I get more traffic from search engines and revenue!
— Mathias from Germany
I sent out an email to my entire team because your slide decks are quite useful. It was nice to [make] $300+, I took them to lunch.
— Tim from Caterpillar

What services does "you exec" provide?

You Exec provides two main services  A free newsletter where subscribers receive insights to develop their careers, as well as light-versions of our corporate resources. Most free subscribers later join Plus. Plus is a premium paid service that delivers monthly corporate resources to our members. Resources include exclusive interviews, business and career insights, book summaries, presentation slides, and many other digital assets.


Is there a minimum payment?

No. Even if we owe a single dollar, as a Partner you'll receive payment at the beginning of each month.


Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes. We only transfer funds to our approved Partners via PayPal.


Who do I contact YOu EXEC if I have additional questions?

Use our contact page, or email the Partners Program Director at for a quicker response.


Why we started the Partner's Program

When we decided to market You Exec we wanted to invest in our community. We did not wish to advertise on social media services or search engines to get the word out. Rather, we wanted our members, from the grass-roots, to spread the word about You Exec. We started the Partners Program to re-invest in our community, in our members, and our mission.