Partner PROGRAM OvervieW


We create corporate assets, you earn up to $30 per lead.



Some subscribers use our free service before upgrading to a Plus membership. We tag all free members to a Partner with an endless cookie, and on our back-end mailing list software. As a result, you'll receive credit for each free member who later upgrades to Plus.



Depending on the tier, when one of your leads joins Plus, as a Partner you'll earn:

  • Quarterly plan: $3 for each quarter.
  • Yearly plan: $10 for each year.
  • Lifetime plan: $30 one-time payment.
  • Maximum payout per lead is $30.
  • All dollar values are in USD.

Monthly Payouts

All Partner payments are sent at the beginning of each month directly to your PayPal account. You Exec has a 30-day refund policy; leads may be reviewed for approval after this initial 30-day period. A statement of new leads and historical leads appears in your monthly report. See "Reports" and "Audits" below.


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