October, 2017




Uniquely designed and animated corporate slides with an Uber-like feel. Available in both Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote formats. Most slides in this deck have a 2-3 second composition build, and a 20-45 second slow-animation to ensure your listeners stay focused on the presentation.





Elements Collection - 50 images

Use these images on your presentations, create inspirational posters, compose messages for your social message, among others uses. Our corporate presentation above already includes some of these images.



Book Summaries

Emotional Intelligence


The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business Life With Audio

When a group of economists came up with the Efficient Market Hypothesis, to explain how it was impossible for multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffett to consistently outperform other investors, they didn’t count on him even outperforming them. Debunking their theory, Buffett went on to become known for his simplistic lifestyle, running his life like a business, and thinking independently...


When a small boutique consulting firm gets bought out by one of its biggest competitors, they teach the more senior consulting firm a lesson in how to win over clients. Using “the naked service” business model, they show how vulnerability and transparency are the keys to customer loyalty. In the fable, the fictional character of Jack Bauer learns how to shed the three big fears of any business, by “getting naked,” ...


Do you often say yes to the wrong things – bad relationships, inane requests, time-consuming tasks? Everyone makes countless decisions every day, and these decisions shape their lives. And for a happy and healthy life, we have to learn to say no to all the things that damage us. Do you struggle with saying “no”? Do you often wish you had to strength to just turn things down?


According to old-school wisdom, the path to business success is looking out for yourself. But what if the key to thriving in the workplace isn’t pushing others down but building others up?  Through data-based research and a host of anecdotes, Adam Grant outlines the three different types of people...


At the age of 43, Byron Katie was paralyzed by depression, rage, and paranoia, but that dark time gave rise to a transformative process she calls “The Work.” The Work consists of four key questions that dissect the things we believe and hold them up to the light of reality. Through this course of inquiry, Katie believes that anyone can be released from the suffering...


Author Steven Levitt, working with journalist Stephen Dubner, shows how economic theories can be used to analyze social issues. Each of the six essays explores a different theory or social issue, from cheating by sumo wrestlers to the economic organization of drug gangs. Along the way it addresses a series of questions such as “Why do some teachers cheat on test results?” and...