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Get Ideas Approved


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How to get your internal ideas approved

You can get others excited about supporting your internal ideas, even in a large organization with lots of red tape. The formal requirements of project proposals are often what makes it difficult to get others on board – the build-up, expectations, seriousness, etc. Startup incubator Y Combinator found that when early stage startups more closely resembled toys than serious companies, they were more likely to attract a large volume of early users, investment, and support. You can apply this concept to help gain champions ...

Promotion Secrets

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The secrets of people who get promoted

We all know at least a couple of people in our company whose rise has been nothing short of meteoric. And we’ve all wondered, how do they do it? Sure – they’re smart, but so are you. They work hard, but then, so do you. So what is it? What do they have that you don’t? And more importantly, what do you need to do to have the same trajectory?

Apple's Battery Replacement Program

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Apple's battery replacement program, and what you can learn from it

In 2017, consumers were shocked to discover that Apple had been slowing down iPhone devices with overused batteries. As a result, a series of legal suits began, and Apple introduced a $29 battery replacement program. We at You Exec investigated the nature of this program and our findings lead us to consider it to be a "hokey" solution aimed at selling more devices. As we investigated, it became apparent this program had a dual purpose.

How to Fire Your Enemies as a Group

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How to Fire Your Enemies as a Group...

We interviewed a group of HR corporate executives at a recent Fortune 100 event and came upon a fascinating new layoff tactic. This tactic is relevant to (1) managers in mid-to-large organizations who wish to improve their political capital, and (2) non-managers who do not wish to be laid off. As a manager, you can use this tactic to gain power by eliminating individuals who tax your reputation and your political capital.