When will I receive my monthly resource?

Each month, around the first week of the month we email out the You Exec monthly resource. You will receive an email from "plus@youexec.com." To ensure you get our Plus emails please send a blank email to "plus@youexec.com" as soon as you join.


Where can I download my monthly resource?

You can Log in and view all your accumulated resources when you click on "Download Resources." Each month we will send you an email when a new resource is made available.


What kind of resources CAN I EXPECT?

We will share anything that can save you hours of work, or help you develop your career. Anything from executive-level Powerpoint presentations and templates, to internal and external resume layouts, to business book summaries, among others. 


What if I don't like a resource one month?

We can't make everyone happy - if you don't like a resource any given month just reply to the email message we sent you, and write "I don't like it!" We will promptly refund your subscription fee for that month, no questions asked.


Can I suggest or send you a resource?

Absolutely, and we will pay you $500 USD if we use and distribute your resource to our members. We will also recognize you and give you credit for your amazing creation. Follow this link to submit a resource.


When will you charge me each month?

We will charge you the same day of the month that you signed up. If you joined Plus on January 6th for a quarter, the next time we will charge you will be on April 6th.


How can I Manage or cancel my subscription?

From our home page click on "Log in" on the upper-right hand corner. Once you have logged in, you will be able to manage your account, download all the resources you have accumulated, or cancel your subscription.


I can not log into my Plus account - help!

After you join Plus, for security purposes you need to validate your email address and set a password. To do this, click on Log in and then on "New Plus member? Start here." To create your Plus customer portal account use the same email address you used to pay for your Plus subscription. You will then receive an email with a secret link to set a password to your newly created account.