Project Manager's Dream

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Table of Contents

  • Project Management Title Page
  • Agenda and Contents for Project
  • Project Summary Slide
  • High-Level Project Management Overview
  • Today vs. Tomorrow
  • Overall Project Tiles
  • Project Milestones
  • Project Challenges
  • Three-Step Process
  • Inspirational Quotes from Sponsors and Stakeholders
  • Project Management Feature Development
  • Comparison of States
  • Budget Table
  • Gantt Chart to Manage Project Tasks
  • Resources Gantt Chart
  • Gantt Chart (A Different View)
  • 5-Week Timeline Calendar
  • Variable Date Timeline
  • Project Management Process Chart
  • Phase Selection Process
  • Project Strategy Chart
  • Project Organization & Team
  • Vendor Quote Comparison
  • Capacity Planning Table
  • Consumer or User Strategy Chart
  • Consumer or User Strategy Chart II
  • Overall Timeline in Years
  • Percent Completion of Tasks & Features
  • Product Life-Cycle
  • Project Blockers
  • New Feature Requests
  • ... and many more slides



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