Project Management Toolbox

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Hit your project deliverables and track your progress with our Project Management Toolbox. Designed to be used by both Project Managers and team members, this deck includes all the tables, graphs, timelines, and Gantt charts you need.


This deck starts with an overview of your project goals. Then it proceeds to introduce the team organization responsible to execute the project and the levels of communications involved. It also includes risk analysis and tracks your project’s financial performance and budget status. Finally, we dedicate more slides to detailed project plan, milestone plans, project progress, and tables, timelines, and graphs that can visually track such progress. Topics included in this deck, in order of appearance, are: Key Project Objectives Overview, Project Organization: Internal Structure, Project Manager and Project Team, Team Building Process, Project Implementation Parallel Phase, Target Definition and Benefits, Project Planning Communication, Project Marketing Communication Matrix, Project Assignment: Effort and Cost Estimation, Qualitative Risk Assessment, Financial Performance by Project Phase, Planned vs. Actual Cost Comparison, Cost Performance Index, Project Structure Plan, Project Schedule Flow Chart, Milestone Plan, Milestone Plan Progress, Criterion for Goal Achievements, Project Status Report Checklist, Project Timeline (by year and by quarter), Project Gantt Chart (by week, quarter, half-year, and twelve-month view).