Yes, there are several other companies that have successfully implemented a variable cost structure by leveraging other people's assets. For instance, WeWork leverages real estate assets to provide flexible workspaces. Similarly, TaskRabbit and Upwork leverage the skills and time of freelancers. These companies don't own the assets they monetize, which allows them to scale rapidly with relatively low costs.

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The book 'Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity' has influenced corporate strategies and business models during the pandemic by emphasizing the importance of having a variable cost structure. This concept, as demonstrated by companies like Uber and Airbnb, involves leveraging other people's assets to reduce costs. When revenue decreases, as it did during the pandemic, the costs can also decrease significantly, allowing companies to maintain their value. The book also highlights the potential of the work-from-anywhere model, which has been enabled by the increase in remote work.

Small businesses can leverage other people's assets to grow by adopting a variable cost structure. This involves utilizing resources owned by others to run their operations. For instance, Uber leverages cars owned by non-employees, reducing their own asset maintenance costs. When their revenue dropped during the pandemic, their costs also decreased significantly, allowing them to maintain their share price. Similarly, Airbnb leverages homeowners' properties, positioning them to survive the pandemic and benefit from the increase in remote work. This strategy allows businesses to scale up or down quickly in response to market changes.

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