Yes, the Ultimate Loan Spreadsheet can be used to analyze the advantage of refinancing a loan. By inputting the details of the new loan terms, such as interest rate and loan period, you can compare the total repayment and monthly payments against your current loan. This will help you understand if refinancing is beneficial.

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The Ultimate Loan Spreadsheet handles potential balloon payments in car loans by allowing you to enter the unique values applicable to the car loan. The spreadsheet then provides a summary of the loan as the monthly total payment, making revisions for any potential balloon payments. These values are then pulled through to the car loan amortization graph, which displays the outstanding loan decreasing over time and the balloon payment.

The car loan amortization graph in the Ultimate Loan Spreadsheet plays a crucial role in visualizing the repayment process of the car loan. It displays how the outstanding loan decreases over time, including any potential balloon payments. This visual representation helps users to understand the progress of their loan repayment and how much principal is still owed at any given time.

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