Six Sigma is a data-driven methodology that seeks to eliminate defects and reduce variability in processes. It uses statistical tools and techniques to identify and remove the causes of errors. Other business improvement frameworks such as Lean focus on eliminating waste and improving flow in the value stream. Agile, another framework, emphasizes flexibility, customer collaboration, and responsiveness to change. While all these frameworks aim to improve business performance, they differ in their approach and focus areas. Six Sigma is more data-centric and focuses on quality control, Lean is about process efficiency, and Agile is about adaptability and customer satisfaction.

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The Six Sigma framework has several practical applications in the business industry. It is used to improve the capability of business workflows, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance bottom-line results. It helps in reducing variation, waste, and handling time in processes, thereby developing a competitive advantage. The Six Sigma roadmap aids in preparing for unexpected challenges, assessing risks, and navigating towards success. It also helps in defining performance standards, validating measurement systems, establishing process capability, discovering variable relationships, and controlling systems. Furthermore, it enables businesses to understand customer behavior better and tailor strategies to their demands.

Common challenges in applying the Six Sigma framework include resistance to change, lack of understanding of the methodology, and inadequate training. These can be overcome by ensuring clear communication of the benefits and purpose of Six Sigma, providing comprehensive training, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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