The strategy used in this case study is a customer-centric approach, focusing on improving the patient and employee experience. This is compared to other business strategies such as cost leadership, where the focus is on minimizing costs, or differentiation, where the focus is on creating unique products or services. The strategy in this case study also involves digital transformation, which is a common trend in many modern business strategies.

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The key topics covered in this case study enhance business strategy by providing real-life examples of problem-solving and strategic planning. They demonstrate how a comprehensive approach to patient and employee experience can lead to improved service delivery. This includes the creation of comfortable waiting and recovery areas, the use of digital tools for patient-provider counseling, and the development of easy-to-use online forms. These elements, when combined, can lead to a unified vision for staff and improved overall business strategy.

The main components of the strategy used in this business case study seem to be:

1. Identifying and clearly defining the problem: "Rethink the delivery of women's reproductive healthcare".

2. Outlining the desired outcome: "A comprehensive patient and employee experience, including waiting and recovery areas, a digital patient-provider counseling tool, easy-to-use online forms, and a unifying vision for Planned Parenthood staff".

These components are crucial as they provide a clear direction for the strategy and help in measuring its success.

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