One example of a company that successfully integrated video ad tools through a strategic partnership is Snapchat's collaboration with Moat. Snapchat partnered with Moat, an ad analytics firm, to measure the effectiveness of their video ads. This partnership allowed Snapchat to provide advertisers with detailed metrics about their video ads, thereby enhancing their advertising platform and providing better service to their clients.

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Strategic partnerships can be used to innovate strategies and maximize competencies by pooling resources, sharing expertise, and leveraging each other's strengths. This can lead to the development of new products or services, improved operational efficiency, and access to new markets. In the initiation stage, a plan is created and target partners are identified. A joint strategy is developed, business propositions are finalized, and the alliance organization and leadership are proposed. For example, in a project to integrate video ad tools, the company that owns the platform could lead the project and orchestrate collaboration between the development teams at each company.

The project lead in a strategic partnership plays a crucial role. They are responsible for orchestrating collaboration between the teams of both companies. They lead the project, ensuring that the joint strategy is implemented effectively and the business propositions are finalized. They also propose the alliance organization and leadership structure. In essence, the project lead is the driving force behind the integration and execution of the strategic partnership.

The organizational hierarchy can significantly impact the success of a strategic partnership. It determines the decision-making process, communication flow, and the distribution of responsibilities. A well-defined hierarchy ensures clear roles and responsibilities, facilitating efficient collaboration and decision-making. It also helps in resolving conflicts and managing risks effectively. However, a rigid hierarchy might hinder open communication and innovation, which are crucial for the success of a strategic partnership.

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