The RAPID model, developed by Bain, can be implemented in a company's decision-making process through the following steps:

1. R (Recommend): The team or individual who has been analyzing the situation and understands the context should make a recommendation.

2. A (Agree): The key stakeholders who will be affected by the decision should agree with the recommendation.

3. P (Perform): The team or individual who will execute the decision should be involved in the process.

4. I (Input): Input should be sought from teams or individuals who have relevant expertise or information. This could include creative, sales, and marketing teams.

5. D (Decide): The final decision should be made by a designated individual or team, such as the executive team. This ensures that the decision is made in a timely manner and that responsibility is clearly assigned.

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A company like Apple could benefit from the RAPID model. For instance, when launching a new product, the model could help streamline decision-making. The 'Input' and 'Agree' roles could involve the creative, sales, and marketing teams providing insights on the product's potential. The 'Decide' role could be assigned to the executive team, making the final decision based on the collected inputs.

Common challenges in applying the RAPID model include: difficulty in defining roles clearly, resistance from team members due to perceived loss of autonomy, and potential for confusion if the model is not implemented consistently. These challenges can be overcome by: ensuring clear communication about roles and responsibilities, involving team members in the decision-making process to maintain their engagement, and providing consistent training and reinforcement of the model's principles.

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