A startup can implement the key tactics from 'The Surprising Science of Meetings' to enhance their meeting effectiveness by first understanding that leaders often perceive their meetings more favorably than attendees. This means they need to seek feedback from all participants to ensure the meetings are as productive as they believe. They can also use tactics such as setting clear agendas, keeping meetings short and focused, and ensuring that all participants have a chance to contribute. Additionally, they can consider alternatives to meetings when appropriate, such as email updates or collaborative software.

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A startup can use the key topics covered in "The Surprising Science of Meetings" to improve their team collaboration by implementing the proven tactics discussed in the book. These include leading engaging meetings that unlock creativity, effectiveness, and dynamism. The book suggests that leaders often perceive their meetings more favorably than other attendees, indicating a need for improved communication and understanding. By applying these insights, startups can turn tiresome and costly meetings into productive sessions, leading to better team wins and ensuring career growth.

A manufacturing company can apply the meeting approaches discussed in the book by first understanding that the effectiveness of a meeting is not solely determined by the leader, but by the collective input of all attendees. This can be achieved by creating an environment that encourages open communication and participation. The company can also implement strategies such as setting clear agendas, limiting meeting durations, and ensuring that meetings are necessary and productive. Additionally, the company can use technology to facilitate remote meetings, reducing the need for physical presence and thus saving time and resources.

While the book 'The Surprising Science of Meetings' does not provide specific examples of companies, it outlines practices that have been successfully implemented by various organizations. These practices include setting clear agendas, encouraging active participation, and ensuring meetings are necessary and productive. Many successful companies have adopted these practices to improve their meeting culture and overall productivity.

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