A startup can use the key topics or framework covered in The Startup Way to grow by implementing lean manufacturing techniques. This involves a method of working that embraces experimentation and validated learning, which can help in rapidly bringing new products to market. However, it's important to note that traditional systems, such as the Employee Management System (EMS) at GE, may not be designed for this method of working due to its inherent uncertainty. Therefore, startups may need to adapt or create new systems that support this approach.

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Companies might face several obstacles when applying the techniques outlined in The Startup Way. One of the main challenges could be the existing management systems that are not designed for methods of working that entail extreme uncertainty. For instance, traditional systems like the Employee Management System (EMS) at GE, which is based on an annual review cycle, might be at odds with the new approach of experimentation and validated learning. This could lead to increased rework, something that would be rated negatively in such systems. To overcome these obstacles, companies could consider revising their management systems to accommodate the new methods of working. This might involve shifting from an annual review cycle to a more flexible system that encourages experimentation and validated learning.

General Electric (GE) and Intuit are examples of companies that have successfully implemented the Metered Funding model. GE used this model to foster a culture of experimentation and validated learning, despite initial resistance from their traditional Employee Management System. Intuit, on the other hand, used this model to transition from a traditional hierarchical structure to a more entrepreneurial culture based on meritocracy.

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