A startup can use the leadership principles covered in "Think and Grow Rich" to grow by implementing the key principles of leadership outlined in the book. These include developing a clear set of goals, building individual self-confidence, and fostering a strong sense of justice. The startup should encourage its leaders to make firm decisions, do more than they are paid for, and be willing to cooperate and assume responsibility. By embodying these principles, a startup can create a strong leadership foundation that can drive growth and success.

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A small business can use the leadership principles covered in "Think and Grow Rich" to grow by implementing the following strategies:

1. Building Self-Confidence: Confidence is key in decision-making and risk-taking, both of which are crucial for business growth.

2. Setting Clear Goals: Goals provide direction and a sense of purpose. They help in planning and strategizing for growth.

3. Becoming a Leader: A leader is someone who is courageous, self-controlled, just, and decisive. They do more than what they're paid for and are willing to cooperate and assume responsibility. These qualities can help in managing a team effectively and driving the business towards growth.

4. Unleashing Potential: Every individual in the team has unique potential. Recognizing and utilizing this potential can lead to innovative ideas and improved performance, contributing to business growth.

The themes of leadership in "Think and Grow Rich" are highly relevant to contemporary issues and debates. The book emphasizes qualities such as courage, self-control, a strong sense of justice, firm decision-making, willingness to go the extra mile, and readiness to cooperate and assume responsibility. These are timeless leadership qualities that are still sought after in today's leaders. In the context of contemporary issues, these qualities can guide leaders in navigating complex challenges, making ethical decisions, and fostering a culture of collaboration and accountability.

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