Companies can implement digital advertising strategies in their operations by first understanding their target audience and their online behaviors. They can then create tailored content that appeals to this audience. The use of analytics and data tracking can help companies refine their strategies based on the response and engagement they receive. Companies can also test different strategies and tactics to see what works best. It's important for the brand identity to reflect the company's values and mission, as this can influence the effectiveness of the digital advertising strategies.

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A company that could benefit from refining their corporate identity is Yahoo. Yahoo has struggled with its identity in the past, being known as a search engine, a news portal, and a web services provider. Refining their corporate identity could help them establish a clear brand image and direction. They could do this by focusing on their core competencies and communicating this effectively to their audience. This could help them attract a loyal customer base and stand out in the competitive tech industry.

Digital advertising has several practical applications in the corporate world. Firstly, it allows companies to track, target, and test new strategies and tactics. This means businesses can monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time and make necessary adjustments. Secondly, digital advertising can help in refining a company's brand identity. It can be used to reflect the company's thinking, character, and values, ensuring that the corporate identity aligns with the company's mission. Lastly, digital advertising can help companies stay competitive by enabling them to reach a wider audience and engage with them more effectively.

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