The 2020 Calendar deck can be used to plan and track relationship-building goals by marking important dates and setting new goals. You can identify key individuals in your organization who have influence over your professional future and plan to improve your relationship with them throughout the year. You can use different colors to represent the status of each relationship and aim to improve them over time. For example, you might aim to turn 'red' relationships into 'yellow', and 'yellow' relationships into 'green'.

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The 2020 Calendar deck can assist in planning for important dates by providing a visual representation of the entire year. This allows you to easily mark and highlight important dates, set key metrics, and establish new goals for yourself and your team. It's a useful tool for strategic planning and ensuring that important events and deadlines are not overlooked.

Relationship management plays a crucial role in professional promotions. It involves building and maintaining positive relationships with those who have influence over your professional future. This includes not only your direct boss, but also other influential people within the organization. By improving these key relationships, you increase your visibility and reputation within the organization, which can lead to opportunities for advancement. It's about turning negative or neutral relationships into positive ones, thereby increasing your chances of being considered for promotions.

The 2020 Calendar deck can be utilized for marking key metrics by highlighting important dates that are associated with these metrics. For instance, if there is a specific sales target to be achieved by a certain date, that date can be highlighted in the calendar. Similarly, dates for the launch of new products or services, marketing campaigns, or any other key business events can be marked. This will provide a visual representation of the timeline for achieving key metrics and goals.

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