The ideas from 'On Becoming a Better Leader' can be implemented in real-world scenarios to improve team morale and agreement on common goals by firstly, understanding the team dynamics and identifying any dysfunctional behaviors. Leaders should then address these issues directly and work towards creating a positive and supportive environment. They should also set clear, achievable goals and ensure that all team members understand and agree with these goals. Regular communication and feedback are also crucial to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to address any issues or concerns promptly. Finally, leaders should lead by example and demonstrate the behaviors and attitudes they expect from their team.

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While the book "On Becoming a Better Leader" does not provide specific examples of companies that have successfully implemented the leadership practices outlined, many companies worldwide apply similar principles. These principles include leading despite organizational constraints, believing in their effectiveness, and continuously learning and improving leadership skills. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are known for their strong leadership cultures that encourage continuous learning and improvement.

A company in a traditional sector like manufacturing can apply the leadership approaches discussed in the book by fostering a culture of leadership that transcends bureaucratic constraints. Leaders in such a company can lead by example, demonstrating commitment, resilience, and effective use of their skills. They can also encourage their teams to adopt these behaviors. This can involve training programs, workshops, and regular team-building exercises that emphasize the importance of these leadership qualities. Furthermore, they can implement strategies to deal with any lack of interest or commitment from their teams, such as incentive schemes or recognition programs.

The book "On Becoming a Better Leader" presents several innovative ideas about leadership. One of the key ideas is that leaders should not let the constraints of the organization stop them from leading. This includes bureaucratic red tape from above or lack of interest or commitment from below. Leaders should stay the course and continue to lead with the skills they have learned, believing in their effectiveness. Another innovative idea is the focus on team dynamics and how they can make or break a company. The book emphasizes the importance of addressing and overcoming dysfunctional behaviors within a team.

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