The lessons from "Good Strategy, Bad Strategy" can be applied to predict and manage biases in today's business environment in several ways. Firstly, understanding the concept of 'attractor states' can help businesses anticipate future industry trends and avoid biases in their strategic planning. Secondly, the book emphasizes the importance of not copying the strategies of the largest player in the industry, which can help businesses avoid the common bias of overpredicting the success of current companies and business models. Lastly, the book's insights on incumbent responses can help businesses manage biases by expecting and preparing for resistance when industry dynamics start to shift.

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The book "Good Strategy, Bad Strategy" suggests that deregulation can have a significant impact on competitors. It can enable previously stretched competitors to become more involved with profit-making. However, it also implies that deregulation can lead to increased competition, which may result in a shift in industry dynamics. Incumbent companies may resist these changes. The book also introduces the concept of "attractor states", which provide a sense of direction for the future evolution of an industry, but these might not come to be.

The book 'Good Strategy, Bad Strategy' analyzes the transition triggered by a substantial increase in fixed costs as a form of industry transition. This transition is often triggered when there is a significant technological advancement, such as the replacement of traditional pistons with more advanced jet engines. This increase in fixed costs can lead to a reduction in competition, as only a few competitors are left who can afford the added cost. The book also discusses the implications of such transitions, including the potential resistance from incumbent companies and the possible emergence of new attractor states that provide a sense of direction for the future evolution of the industry.

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