Video backgrounds can be used to comment on contemporary managerialism, information labor, and media culture by enhancing the visual appeal and engagement of the presentation. They can help to illustrate and emphasize the points being made, making the content more relatable and understandable. They can also be used to create a certain mood or atmosphere, influencing the audience's perception and interpretation of the information being presented. Furthermore, they can serve as a form of visual commentary or critique, challenging conventional modes of presentation and communication.

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The video backgrounds can be downloaded in either Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote formats.

Some artists that have adapted the medium of slide deck presentations include David Byrne, Tan Lin, Daniel Eatock, Timothy Evans, Michael Riedel, Linda Dong, Simon Denny, and Tony Cokes. They have used this medium to comment on contemporary managerialism, information labor, and media culture.

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