The strategies used by Disney during the Marvel purchase can be implemented in other real-world business scenarios in several ways. Firstly, thorough research and understanding of the acquisition target is crucial. Disney had a comprehensive dossier of Marvel characters, which helped them understand the potential value of the acquisition. This can be applied to any business scenario where a company is considering an acquisition or merger. Secondly, Disney's strategy of looking beyond the immediate, obvious assets (like Spiderman) and considering the long-term potential of lesser-known assets (like Black Panther) can also be applied in other business scenarios. This involves a long-term strategic vision and the ability to see potential where others may not.

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Disney's acquisition of Marvel was a strategic move that expanded Disney's portfolio of intellectual properties. This acquisition allowed Disney to leverage Marvel's vast array of characters, many of which were not well-known at the time, and turn them into successful franchises. This strategy has broader implications in the business world, demonstrating the value of intellectual property and the potential for success when a company can effectively leverage these assets. It also shows the importance of strategic acquisitions in expanding a company's reach and capabilities.

Some key takeaways from "The Ride of a Lifetime" that entrepreneurs or managers could apply to their own business strategies include:

1. Embrace change: The book emphasizes the importance of being open to change and being able to adapt to new situations. This is crucial in the business world where the landscape is constantly evolving.

2. Operate with integrity: Robert Iger stresses the importance of operating with integrity. This means being honest, transparent, and ethical in all business dealings.

3. Do your research: The book highlights the importance of thorough research before making major business decisions. This is evident from the example of Disney's acquisition of Marvel, where they had done extensive research on the characters they could use.

Yes, there are several examples of companies that have successfully implemented the practice of extensive research before a major purchase. One such example is Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn. Microsoft conducted thorough research and analysis to understand LinkedIn's business model, user base, and potential for growth before making the purchase. Another example is Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods. Amazon conducted extensive research to understand the grocery market, Whole Foods' customer base, and the potential synergies between the two companies before making the acquisition.

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