The 2008 global recession did not directly impact the spy work in Geneva. However, it may have indirectly influenced the environment in which the spy work was conducted. During the recession, Geneva flourished with money flooding Swiss, which could have potentially increased the number of targets for spy work. However, the book does not provide specific details on how the recession impacted the spy work.

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Yes, there are other individuals like Edward Snowden who have exposed government secrets. Some notable examples include Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers revealing the U.S. government's deceit in the Vietnam War, and Chelsea Manning, who disclosed a large amount of classified military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.

Exposing government secrets, as illustrated in Permanent Record, can present several challenges. Firstly, individuals may face legal repercussions, as they are essentially breaking the law by leaking classified information. This could lead to imprisonment or other penalties. Secondly, they may face professional consequences, such as losing their job or being blacklisted in their industry. Thirdly, they may face personal consequences, such as threats to their safety or the safety of their loved ones. Lastly, they may face ethical dilemmas, as they must decide whether the public's right to know outweighs the potential harm that could come from exposing the information.

Permanent Record, written by Edward Snowden, contributes to the debate on government transparency and individual privacy by providing an insider's perspective on the practices of intelligence agencies. Snowden, who exposed one of the government's greatest secrets, discusses his journey and the implications of these practices on individual privacy. The book sheds light on the extent of surveillance and the lack of transparency in government operations, sparking discussions on the balance between national security and individual privacy rights.

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