In the RAPID model, the Perform role is responsible for executing the action decided by the Decision role. Once the Decision role has made a decision and communicated it, the Perform role takes over. This role ensures that the decision is implemented effectively. The Perform role does not participate in the decision-making process but is crucial in the execution phase.

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The RAPID decision-making model can be implemented in a business operation by following these steps:

1. Identify the need for a critical decision.
2. Determine who will play the 'Recommend' role. This person will identify who the 'Decision' role will be.
3. The 'Recommend' and 'Decision' roles then determine any other stakeholders and assign their roles.
4. The 'Recommend' role prepares their proposal, gets feedback from the 'Input' role, then discusses their initial proposal with the 'Agree' role.
5. With input and agreement from the corresponding roles, the 'Recommend' role takes their proposal to the 'Decision' role.
6. The 'Decision' role then decides and communicates the action for the 'Perform' role to execute.

This model ensures that all stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process and that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

Sure, let's consider a business scenario where a company needs to decide on a new marketing strategy. The CEO (Decision role) identifies the need for a new strategy. The Marketing Director (Recommend role) is tasked to come up with a proposal. The Director consults with the Sales and Product teams (Input role) for their insights and feedback. The proposal is then discussed with the CFO (Agree role) to ensure it aligns with the company's financial goals. Once the proposal is refined and agreed upon, it's presented to the CEO who makes the final decision. The Marketing team (Perform role) then executes the approved strategy.

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