The placement of words and images on a slide can significantly influence the audience's attention. It's recommended to place the words and images in a way that begins where the audience's eyes naturally go and then follow their gaze. This way, you don't just control what the audience sees, but also how they see it. The golden rule is to have one claim or idea per slide. If you have more to say, put it on the next slide. This ensures that the audience can easily follow and understand your presentation.

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The Big & Clear deck can improve the readability of your presentation slides by adhering to the golden rule of having one claim or idea per slide. This approach ensures that the audience is not overwhelmed with information on a single slide. Additionally, the placement of words and images is done in a way that aligns with the audience's natural gaze, allowing for a more intuitive and comfortable reading experience. This not only controls what the audience sees but also how they see it, enhancing overall readability.

Having one claim or idea per slide in a presentation is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to keep the audience focused and engaged. When there are multiple ideas on a slide, it can be overwhelming and confusing for the audience. Secondly, it allows the presenter to delve deeper into each idea, providing more detailed information and explanation. Lastly, it aids in the organization and flow of the presentation, making it easier for the audience to follow along and understand the progression of ideas.

By controlling how the audience sees the presentation, Jurczynski means that the presenter should guide the audience's attention and focus throughout the presentation. This can be achieved by strategically placing words and images on the slides in a way that aligns with the audience's natural gaze and reading patterns. The presenter should not only control what information is presented but also how it is presented to ensure effective communication and understanding.

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