'The Surprising Science of Meetings' challenges traditional meeting practices by advocating for a more dynamic and engaging approach. It suggests that meetings should not be tiresome and costly, but rather productive sessions that unlock creativity and effectiveness. The book provides proven tactics to transform meetings, such as valuing attendees' time, breaking communication barriers, and unleashing higher productivity. These techniques can fix the current broken state of meetings, bring in fresh energy, and ultimately inspire others to make successful meetings a part of the organizational culture.

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Companies might face several obstacles when applying the meeting techniques from "The Surprising Science of Meetings". These could include resistance to change, lack of understanding of the new techniques, and difficulty in implementing them due to existing organizational culture. To overcome these, companies could provide training and clear communication about the benefits and methods of the new techniques. They could also gradually implement the changes and provide support during the transition period.

'The Surprising Science of Meetings' addresses contemporary issues and debates about workplace efficiency and productivity by providing strategies to transform meetings into productive sessions. It suggests that by valuing attendees' time and employing effective meeting techniques, organizations can break communication barriers, unleash higher productivity, and inspire a positive organizational culture. This directly relates to the ongoing discussions about improving workplace efficiency and productivity.

Small businesses can use the meeting techniques from "The Surprising Science of Meetings" to improve communication and productivity by implementing the proven tactics discussed in the book. These include valuing attendees' time, which can bring fresh energy and break communication barriers. This can lead to higher productivity and inspire others, becoming a part of the organizational culture. It's also important to lead engaging meetings that unlock creativity, effectiveness, and dynamism, turning tiresome and costly meetings into productive sessions.

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How can you lead engaging meetings that unlock creativity, effectiveness, and dynamism? Turn tiresom...

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