The book 'Blitzscaling' has significantly influenced corporate strategies and business models by introducing the concept of rapid growth and scaling. It presents techniques used by successful digital companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook to scale and double in size in a short period. These strategies include shifting to monthly or quarterly meetings as the company grows, using videoconferencing to connect offices, and developing broadcast channels that reach every employee. The book's influence can be seen in how many companies have adopted these strategies for rapid growth.

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Blitzscaling presents several surprising ideas that have influenced corporate strategies. One such idea is the concept of prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty. This involves rapidly scaling a business or product, even if it means making mistakes along the way. Another technique is the shift from frequent company meetings to less frequent ones as the company grows. The use of videoconferencing and other broadcast channels to connect offices and reach every employee is also emphasized. These techniques have been adopted by many digital companies like Google, Linkedin, and Facebook to scale rapidly and effectively.

A traditional sector company can apply the innovative approaches of Blitzscaling by adopting rapid scaling strategies. This could involve implementing aggressive growth tactics, such as prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty. They could also adopt the use of technology to improve communication and coordination, such as using videoconferencing for company meetings and developing broadcast channels for reaching every employee. Additionally, they could learn from case studies of successful digital companies like Google, Linkedin, and Facebook, and apply similar strategies in their context.

Yes, there are several companies that have successfully implemented the practice of shifting to monthly or quarterly meetings as they scale. For instance, Google, as it grew, shifted from weekly to monthly all-hands meetings, known as 'TGIF' meetings. Similarly, Facebook, as it expanded globally, started conducting Q&A sessions with Mark Zuckerberg, which were held on a regular basis but not weekly. LinkedIn, too, has a monthly company-wide meeting called 'Company All Hands'. These examples show that as companies scale, they tend to shift from frequent meetings to less frequent but more structured ones.

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