The book 'Made to Stick' has significantly influenced corporate strategies and business models by providing tactics to make ideas 'sticky'. These tactics include invoking authorities or 'anti-authorities', adding specific details to support arguments, speaking or illustrating things on a 'human scale', and allowing people to experience things for themselves. Many businesses have adopted these tactics to enhance the credibility of their ideas, making them more understandable, memorable, and impactful. This has led to changes in audience opinions or behaviors, thereby influencing corporate strategies and business models.

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The book 'Made to Stick' is highly relevant in contemporary debates about effective communication and persuasion. It provides practical strategies for making ideas 'sticky' - understood, remembered, and impactful. The book discusses tactics like invoking authorities or 'anti-authorities', adding specific details to support arguments, speaking on a human scale, and allowing people to learn from their own experiences. These tactics are applicable in today's world where effective communication is crucial in various fields such as marketing, education, leadership, and more.

The tactics discussed in "Made to Stick" can be implemented in real-world scenarios to enhance the credibility of ideas in several ways. Firstly, invoking authorities or "anti-authorities" can lend credibility to your ideas. Anti-authorities are those who may not have formal credentials, but their experiences make them believable. Secondly, adding specific details that support the vulnerable areas of your argument can deflect skepticism. Thirdly, presenting things on a "human scale", especially when dealing with numbers or statistics, can make your case more believable. Lastly, allowing people to experience the idea for themselves can be a powerful way to convince them, as there is no teacher quite like experience.

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