The gig economy evolved from the sharing economy as a response to the need for flexible, temporary work opportunities. The sharing economy, characterized by companies like Airbnb and Uber, created a platform for people to share resources such as accommodation and transportation. This model of sharing resources gave rise to the gig economy, where individuals could earn money by providing services on a temporary basis. This evolution was driven by the need for flexibility and the desire to earn money without the commitment of a traditional job.

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The book 'Super Founders' provides several insights about the characteristics of billion-dollar startup founders. It debunks the myth that successful founders are only Ivy League drop-outs who launched a company from their dorm room. In fact, it suggests that those who are not in this category are just as likely, if not more so, to be the next successful startup founders. The book also highlights that successful startups have been funded and billion-dollar companies have been created even during times of economic recession. It emphasizes the importance of innovation and the ability to identify and meet a need in the market, as demonstrated by the birth of the sharing economy and the gig economy.

Necessity plays a crucial role in the invention and success of startups. It often acts as the driving force behind the creation of innovative solutions to pressing problems. During times of economic recession, for instance, startups have been funded and billion-dollar companies have been created to meet specific needs. The sharing economy, including companies like Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber, was born out of a necessity for more flexible and affordable accommodations and transportation options. This necessity not only led to the invention of these startups but also contributed to their success by creating a demand for their services.

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The billion-dollar startup founder is shrouded in mystery and mythology, but don’t believe everythin...

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