A retail company can apply the Feedback and Adjustment approach by continuously monitoring the market response to its products or services. This involves gathering customer feedback, analyzing sales data, and observing market trends. Based on this feedback, the company can make necessary adjustments to its product offerings, marketing strategies, or customer service. This approach allows the company to adapt to changing market conditions and customer preferences, thereby increasing its chances of crossing the chasm and achieving market leadership.

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The lessons from "Crossing the Chasm" can be applied in today's competitive business environment by understanding and implementing the key strategies outlined in the book. These include identifying and targeting the right market segment, creating a compelling value proposition, providing strong evidence of market leadership, and effectively communicating with the target audience. It also involves being responsive to feedback and making necessary adjustments to maintain a competitive edge.

Crossing the Chasm" has significantly influenced corporate strategies by emphasizing the importance of identifying and addressing the right audience. It suggests that businesses should focus on a specific target segment and tailor their value proposition to this group. This approach helps companies to establish a strong market position and build credibility with their audience. The book also highlights the importance of effective communication, suggesting that businesses should deliver the right message to the right audience. Furthermore, it encourages businesses to continually seek feedback and make necessary adjustments to their strategies.

Companies might face several obstacles when trying to establish undisputable market leadership. Firstly, they may struggle to define a clear position based on the target segment and value proposition. Secondly, they might find it challenging to provide compelling evidence for their market leadership, especially in the absence of a significant market share. Thirdly, identifying and addressing the right audience with the right message can be difficult. Lastly, competitors might poke holes in their initial efforts, requiring them to constantly adjust and improve their strategies.

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