Common expenses for startups include salaries and wages for employees, rent or mortgage for office space, utilities, office supplies, marketing and advertising costs, professional services such as legal and accounting, insurance, and taxes. Additionally, startups may also have expenses related to research and development, production costs, and inventory.

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The Pro Forma model can help in identifying potential financial risks in a startup by providing a detailed overview of the company's financial situation. It allows the company to make predictions about future income and expenses, and determine the profit margin. By analyzing these predictions, the company can identify potential risks such as a decrease in income or an increase in expenses. It also allows the company to make allowances for major one-time purchases or gross expenses if necessary.

Some strategies to manage expenses in a startup include creating a detailed spreadsheet to track income and expenses, totaling all income sources and expenses to determine gross historical revenue and expenses, and determining the profit margin by subtracting total expenses from total income. It's also important to make allowances for major one-time purchases or unexpected expenses.

The Pro Forma model can help attract investors for a startup by providing a clear and detailed financial projection. It shows the potential profitability of the business by outlining the expected income and expenses. This gives investors a clear idea of the financial health and future prospects of the startup, which can increase their confidence in the investment. It also allows them to assess the risk and return of the investment.

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