Some common financial terms that every business person should know include revenue, expenses, assets, liabilities, equity, profit, gross margin, net income, cash flow, and balance sheet. These terms are fundamental to understanding and communicating about the financial health and performance of a business.

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Financial intelligence helps in navigating the complexities of financial reporting by providing the necessary knowledge and skills to understand, analyze, and interpret financial data. It allows individuals to understand financial terms and communicate them effectively. With financial intelligence, one can understand the numbers that every organization has in common and how they are tabulated, analyzed, and reported. This understanding can lead to better decision making and strategic planning.

The key elements of financial intelligence that every manager should know include understanding financial terms, analyzing and reporting numbers, and effective communication of financial information. It's also important to gain confidence over time in dealing with financial matters.

Financial intelligence can help in making strategic business decisions by providing a clear understanding of the financial status of the business. It allows businesses to analyze and interpret financial data, which can be used to make informed decisions about business strategies. This includes decisions about investments, budgeting, cost management, and other financial aspects of the business. Financial intelligence can also help businesses identify trends and patterns, predict future financial scenarios, and manage risks effectively.

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