Some examples of companies that have successfully implemented the Hooked Model include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These companies have created products that form user habits, leading to regular engagement. Facebook hooks users by encouraging them to post and share content, which leads to likes and comments that serve as rewards. Twitter and Instagram have similar models, where posting and sharing content leads to likes, comments, and shares, creating a habit loop.

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The Hooked Model challenges existing practices in consumer psychology by focusing on creating habits rather than relying on conscious decision-making. Traditional consumer psychology often focuses on influencing conscious decisions through marketing and persuasion techniques. The Hooked Model, on the other hand, aims to create products that form habits, leading to repeated use without conscious thought. This approach challenges the traditional focus on conscious decision-making and instead emphasizes the power of habit formation.

The "Hooked" book has significantly influenced corporate strategies by providing a framework, known as the Hooked Model, for understanding and influencing customer behavior. The model guides businesses in creating products that can form habits, leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty. It has helped corporations to design their products and services in a way that encourages habitual use, thereby increasing customer retention and driving growth.

The key takeaways from "Hooked" that are actionable for marketers include understanding and influencing consumer habits. The book provides a step-by-step guide on how to 'hook' a customer using the Hooked Model. This involves creating behaviors within the 'habit zone', a place where customers form an attachment to a product without really thinking about it. By understanding these principles, marketers can effectively influence customer behavior and increase product attachment.

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