Blitzscaling presents several innovative ideas. One of the core techniques is designing an innovative business model capable of exponential growth. The book emphasizes the importance of business model innovation over just technology innovation, as seen in many start-ups that went bust. It uses the example of Netscape, which despite kicking off the dotcom boom, was beaten by Microsoft due to its traditional business model. The book also discusses techniques used by digital companies like Google, Linkedin, and Facebook to rapidly scale and double in size in a short period.

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Potential obstacles companies might face when applying blitzscaling techniques include lack of a sustainable business model, inability to manage rapid growth, and competition from established companies. To overcome these, companies should ensure they have a business model that can sustain rapid growth, put in place strong management structures to handle the growth, and have strategies to deal with competition.

The Netscape case study in the book "Blitzscaling" serves as an example of a company that relied heavily on technology innovation but lacked a truly innovative business model. Netscape's IPO initiated the dotcom boom, but its traditional business model couldn't compete with established companies like Microsoft, which had the economic power to dominate the market. This highlights the importance of not only technological innovation but also business model innovation in blitzscaling.

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