The Blue Ocean Strategy presents several innovative ideas. One of the key concepts is the creation of 'blue oceans', which are untapped new market spaces ripe for growth. This contrasts with 'red oceans', which are known market spaces filled with fierce competition. The strategy also introduces the idea of value innovation, which involves creating superior value for customers through a simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost. Another innovative idea is the elimination-reduce-raise-create grid, a tool for companies to systematically explore alternative strategic profiles and create blue oceans.

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A company in a traditional sector like manufacturing or retail can apply the innovative approaches discussed in the Blue Ocean Strategy by rethinking their current market and customer base. They can identify unmet needs or create new demand in the market, just like Cirque did in the circus industry. They can refuse to compete in the existing saturated market and instead, create a new market space or 'Blue Ocean' where there is little to no competition. This can be achieved by offering a unique product or service that differentiates them from their competitors, putting them in a position of market dominance.

The lessons from the Blue Ocean Strategy can be applied in today's business environment by understanding the current state of the industry and rethinking the traditional customer. This involves creating a demand for a different experience, effectively eliminating traditional competition. By refusing to compete in the existing market, businesses can find a profitable niche and a unique product that puts them in a position of market dominance. This strategy encourages innovation and the creation of new markets, rather than competing in existing ones.

The Blue Ocean Strategy has significantly influenced corporate strategies and business models by encouraging companies to create new market spaces or 'blue oceans' rather than competing in existing markets or 'red oceans'. This strategy promotes innovation and creativity, enabling companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and create unique value for customers. For instance, Cirque du Soleil used this strategy to reinvent the circus experience, creating a new market in a declining industry and achieving market dominance.

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