The book 'When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing' presents several innovative ideas. One of the most surprising is the concept of a 'temporal affective pattern', which suggests that people's energy and positivity levels follow a daily rhythm, peaking in the morning, dipping in the afternoon, and rebounding in the evening. This pattern holds true across all cultures and countries. Another innovative idea is that our perception of time units, such as hours and minutes, is not natural but invented by our ancestors. The only universal time unit is the day.

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The 'temporal affective pattern' is a concept that refers to the natural rhythm of energy and positivity that people experience throughout the day. According to numerous studies, this pattern is universal across all cultures and countries. It suggests that people are generally more energized and positive in the morning. This energy then dips into a trough in the afternoon, often leading to a decrease in focus and productivity, known as the post-lunch dip. However, people tend to rebound in the evening, experiencing a resurgence of energy and positivity.

The 'temporal affective pattern' refers to the daily rhythm that most people experience, where they feel more energized and positive in the morning, experience a dip in energy and mood in the afternoon, and then rebound in the evening. This pattern has been observed across all cultures and countries. One key study that demonstrates this pattern is the research conducted by Folkard et al. (1977), where they found a significant decrease in alertness and performance in the afternoon, known as the 'post-lunch dip'. Another study by Monk et al. (1997) found that people's mood tends to be at its lowest during the afternoon slump. These studies, among others, provide evidence for the 'temporal affective pattern'.

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