Implementing observation techniques as described in 'Change By Design' can present several challenges for companies. Firstly, it requires a shift in mindset to value not just what people say, but also what they don't say or do. This can be difficult to instill across an organization. Secondly, it requires time and patience to ask 'why' repeatedly until hidden insights are revealed. This can be challenging in a fast-paced business environment where quick decisions are often valued. Lastly, it requires the ability to play detective and find valuable information in day-to-day activities and situations, which may not be a skill that all employees possess.

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'Change By Design' by Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, emphasizes the importance of keen observation and understanding in business. It suggests that observation is not just about watching people's behavior, but also about noticing what they don't do or say. This approach can reveal valuable insights from everyday activities and situations. The book encourages asking 'why' repeatedly to uncover hidden insights for a deeper understanding. This aligns with contemporary debates about the need for businesses to be more observant and understanding of their customers' needs and behaviors.

In "Change By Design", Tim Brown presents innovative ideas about keen observation. He emphasizes that observation is more than just watching people's behavior. It involves understanding what people don't do and the things left unsaid, which can be as important as the things people say. By playing detective, an observer can find valuable information in day-to-day activities and situations. Asking the simple question "why" repeatedly can bring often hidden insights to light for a deeper understanding.

A traditional sector company can apply the observation techniques discussed in 'Change By Design' by incorporating a keen sense of observation in their day-to-day activities. This involves not just watching how people behave, but also paying attention to what they don't do. Unspoken actions can provide valuable insights. By adopting a detective-like approach, companies can uncover valuable information from everyday situations. Asking 'why' repeatedly can also help reveal hidden insights for a deeper understanding of processes and behaviors.

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