The key features of the high-tech devices mentioned in the content, specifically the smartphone, include the ability to install any third-party apps that can improve a user's lifestyle. This feature is so dominant that the ability to make phone calls has been downgraded as side usage. The smartphone is also beautifully designed and adopts user-friendly interfaces. The branding and packaging are sleek and desirable, which are all advantages to be capitalized on.

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Sales control tools can be used to assess the performance and improve the progress of smartphone sales in several ways. They can track sales data in real-time, allowing for immediate adjustments to sales strategies. They can also provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, which can inform product development and marketing strategies. Additionally, these tools can help identify trends and patterns in sales data, which can be used to forecast future sales and set realistic sales targets. Finally, sales control tools can help manage the sales team by tracking individual performance and identifying areas for improvement.

The sales strategy for smartphones differs from other high-tech devices in several ways. Firstly, the focus is on the smartphone's ability to install third-party apps that can improve a user's lifestyle, making it more than just a communication device. Secondly, the design and user-friendly interface of the smartphone are emphasized, making it appealing to the user. Lastly, the branding and packaging of the smartphone are sleek and desirable, which can be leveraged in the sales strategy.

The smartphone's app-supported features are significant in its sales because they enhance the user's lifestyle. These features are so dominant that they have downgraded the phone's primary function, making calls, to a side usage. The ability to install any third-party apps allows users to customize their device to their needs and preferences, which is a strong selling point. Additionally, the smartphone's design, user-friendly interfaces, and sleek branding and packaging also contribute to its appeal and sales.

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