The key lessons from the Theranos scandal are:

1. The importance of transparency: Theranos was secretive about its operations and technology, which ultimately led to its downfall.

2. The need for proper validation: Theranos failed to validate its technology with independent third parties.

3. The dangers of hype: Theranos was overhyped based on bold claims rather than proven results.

4. The importance of good corporate governance: Theranos lacked proper oversight and checks and balances.

5. The need for ethical leadership: The leadership at Theranos was found to be involved in deceptive practices.

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The Wall Street Journal's annual tech conference,, was significant in the Theranos story because Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, was invited to speak at the event. The investigative journalist, John, wanted to publish the expose on Theranos before this event. He believed that after her appearance at the conference, it would be difficult for the paper to publish an expose on Theranos.

The delay in publishing the story about the Theranos scandal allowed the company more time to potentially suppress the story. However, the delay also ensured that the story was thoroughly investigated and solid before being published. The concern was to publish the story before a major tech conference where Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, was invited. After her appearance, it would be more challenging to publish an expose on Theranos.

Some strategies for investigative journalism as illustrated in the book 'Bad Blood' include thorough research and patience. The book highlights the importance of making a story watertight before publishing, even if it means delaying the publication. This involves gathering all necessary evidence and verifying all facts to ensure the story is solid and irrefutable. The book also emphasizes the need for patience in investigative journalism, comparing it to the Sicilian ritual la mattanza where fishermen would stand still for hours until the fish swam close enough to be caught. Similarly, investigative journalists may need to wait for the right moment to expose the truth.

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