The main components of the Kanban method in Agile Project Management are visualization, limiting work in progress, flow management, making policies explicit, using feedback loops, and collaborative or experimental evolution.

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Kanban is a visual project management framework used in Agile methodologies. It uses a board and cards to visualize the workflow, which helps in identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Compared to other Agile methods like Scrum, Kanban is less structured and doesn't require regular sprints. Instead, work is continuously delivered and new tasks are pulled as capacity allows. This makes Kanban more flexible and adaptable to changes. However, it may lack the discipline provided by Scrum's time-boxed sprints and defined roles. Both methods aim for continuous improvement and have their own strengths depending on the project context.

The Kanban method enhances business strategy in Agile Project Management by providing a visual representation of the workflow, which aids in identifying bottlenecks and managing tasks more efficiently. It makes policies explicit, creating a shared understanding of the process and agreed-upon guidelines. This method also encourages continuous improvement through regular feedback loops in meetings. Furthermore, Kanban limits the amount of ongoing work to prevent multitasking, ensuring team members are not overburdened. This leads to improved productivity and efficiency, which are key to a successful business strategy.

Common challenges in applying the Kanban method include resistance to change, lack of understanding of the method, and difficulty in managing work in progress limits. These can be overcome by providing adequate training, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and using tools to manage work in progress effectively.

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