Email communication in a business setting has several practical applications. It allows for quick and efficient exchange of information, enabling immediate response and action. It's also useful for record-keeping as all correspondences are documented. Email can be used for sending out company-wide announcements, sharing documents and files, scheduling meetings, and providing customer support. However, it's important to manage email use effectively to avoid it becoming a productivity drain.

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A company like Google could benefit from the 2021 Calendar. Google's Gmail platform is widely used for email communication. The 2021 Calendar can be integrated with Gmail to schedule emails, set reminders for follow-ups, and plan ahead for important dates. This can help in managing emails by reducing clutter, prioritizing important emails, and improving overall productivity.

There are no specific case studies mentioned in the content provided that demonstrate the effectiveness of the 2021 Calendar in managing emails. However, using a calendar can generally help in managing emails by scheduling specific times to check and respond to emails, thus avoiding constant interruptions and improving productivity.

The 2021 Calendar itself doesn't have specific components to manage emails. However, it can be used as a tool to schedule and organize your email-related tasks. You can set reminders for important emails, schedule time for reading and responding to emails, and even plan out when to send marketing or newsletter emails. It's all about using the calendar as a tool for time management and organization.

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