Designing an organization that pulls the levers of growth refers to structuring your company in a way that it can drive its own growth. This involves creating systems, processes, and teams that can identify opportunities, execute growth strategies, and scale operations. It's about making growth a fundamental part of the organization's design and culture, rather than something driven solely by the founder or top management. This is a key stage in blitzscaling, where the focus shifts from aggressive growth to a more strategic and sustainable approach.

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Blitzscaling challenges traditional business growth strategies by prioritizing speed over efficiency in the face of uncertainty. Traditional strategies often focus on slow and steady growth, ensuring profitability at each stage. Blitzscaling, on the other hand, encourages rapid scaling even if it means incurring heavy losses in the short term. The goal is to quickly dominate a market and reap the benefits of being the first and leading player. This approach requires a high tolerance for risk, a strong growth strategy, and the ability to manage rapid changes.

Some potential obstacles in implementing Blitzscaling include the challenge of moving faster than the average startup, which requires high levels of competence and a brilliant growth strategy. Additionally, as the company grows, the founder transitions from pulling the levers of growth to managing people who pull the levers, and then to designing an organization that pulls the levers. This requires different skill sets at each stage, which can be a challenge. These obstacles can be overcome by ensuring the founder and team are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge, and by having a clear and aggressive growth strategy.

Blitzscaling techniques can be applied to a small business by focusing on rapid growth and scaling. This involves pulling all the levers of growth at the initial stage, which requires high levels of competence and a brilliant growth strategy. As the business grows, the founder should manage the people who are pulling the levers, and then design an organization that pulls the levers at the village level. This strategy should be aggressive but differentiated.

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