Gross Revenue in the Pro Forma model is important as it represents the total income from a business's sales before any costs or expenses are subtracted. It provides an overview of the business's sales performance and is a key indicator of the business's ability to generate sales. It is also used to calculate other important financial metrics such as Gross Margin.

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A pro forma should typically cover a period of three to five years. This time frame is generally considered sufficient to provide investors with a comprehensive view of how the business is expected to perform in the near to mid-term. However, the exact period can vary depending on the nature of the business and the specific requirements of the investors or lenders. For instance, a startup in a rapidly evolving industry might need to provide a pro forma for a shorter period, while a business in a more stable industry might be asked for a longer-term projection.

The Pro Forma model helps in financial planning for a new venture by providing a structured way to forecast the financial performance of the business. It takes into account various factors such as sales revenue, operating expenses, and salary expenses. The model allows you to input your own data, which is then automatically reflected in the Proforma Summary. This summary includes key financial metrics such as Gross Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Gross Margin, Expenses, and Net Profit. The model also provides visual representations of the results, which can aid in understanding and decision-making.

The Pro Forma model is crucial for a startup as it provides a financial projection of the business. It includes various aspects such as sales revenue, operating expenses, and salary expenses. This model helps in understanding the financial health of the startup, its profitability, and break-even point. It aids in decision-making and planning for the future.

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